Your children’s Sunday school teachers, Children’s Ministers, and Youth Pastors and leaders work hard to present Biblical truths to your children. However, the short time they give your children is only a vitamin to the daily nutrition you are charged with giving them. This is to be a resource to help you make the most of your children’s time at church and to follow up with what they learn there to help it apply to their everyday lives.

Most churches are now sending home Parent Pages to help you train your children at home.  They are not simply meant for you to know what your children learned that day in class.  They are for you to use to create a discussion about what they learned and follow up with your child to make sure they understood the lesson and how it applies to their lives.  Parent Pages are meant for you to spend intentional time with your child each week (at least) talking about spiritual things.

If your church does not provide Parent Pages or any follow up materials, engage your child by asking at least five questions about their time at Sunday school.  Here are some suggestions:

1.  What was your favorite part of Sunday school this morning?  Why did you like that part?

2.  Did you learn anything new at church today?  If so, what was it?

3.  Do you have any challenges or projects to complete before next Sunday that we could do together?  (like memorize a verse or take a prayer walk)

4.  If you were talking to a non-Christian friend about your time at church today, what would you share with them that might make them interested in coming to church with you sometime?

5.  What is something you would like to talk to God about your time at church today?  (Then pray together.)

Those discussions are invaluable in helping your children process what they learned in class.  The discussions also show your children the value you place on their spiritual training times.  It would be good for you to share what you learned in church, too, and something that applies to your family life from the sermon.  They need to know that church is relevant to your life, too.


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