Theme Weeks

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“I know I am supposed to be intentional with my time with my toddler and preschooler, but I don’t know what to do!  Where do I start?”

When our 2nd child was 6 weeks old, I noticed our 2-year-old was acting out and needing more intentional time together.  More cuddles?  OF COURSE, but also time just for just the two of us to do something special together.  Out of this need, I started dedicating one newborn nap each day to our 2-year-old.  I wanted the time to be spiritually intentional, but easy prep so I would actually do it, so I came up with Theme Weeks.

Each week I would pick one theme and we would do something from that theme each day during our dedicated nap time.  My toddler LOVED Theme Weeks as did the newborn when the time was right.

As our kids got older, I adapted the weeks and wrote them down to share.  There are a LOT of Theme Weeks now and that 2-year-old is now a teenager.  When Theme Weeks needed more meat, I created a different kind of program and when I realized I needed to be training our children as missionaries in the public school system, I created yet another resource.  My goal is to make all of that available to you as I edit them and get them here as a resource for you and those who are in your same shoe aisle!

Theme Weeks was where it all started so that’s where I’m starting with the website!  I will be posting blog Tips and Tricks and Theme Weeks as often as I can so you are never lacking in parenting resources!  Please share these resources with others who need to know the first steps, too!