for public school.

Train Your Child… for public school.

Often Christian parents want their children to go to public school to be an ambassador and missionary.  However, it doesn’t happen automatically. They must be trained. Their hour or two at church each week isn’t enough.  Most times the programs aren’t geared towards training them to be missionaries at school.

As Christian parents, we must be intentional about training our children to be influential at school.  We must help them integrate their faith life with their school life.  Compartmentalizing our lives to make us more comfortable is too easy.  If children start out their school career with the understanding that their school is the mission field God has called them to, sharing their faith and living with integrity come as second nature.  Teenagers hearing how to live out their faith for the first time proves more difficult than pre-kindergarteners hearing that truth for the first time!

Please comment, comment, comment about any resources you have seen be effective in training your own children or in other families homes.

Imagine a generation of Christian children living out Christ’s love and speaking boldly of His truth.  Talk about a fertile ground for a harvest, a revolution maybe.  Let’s get started!


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