Joy in Parenting

IMG-5927Fellow Parents, I have found treasure!  I want to share her with you!  Sherri Martinelli is an author, speaker, and an authentic gem.  I recently saw her present on Family Time Training’s Spring Fling and was inspired to reach out to her feeling like I might have some things to learn from her and in the few weeks of connecting we’ve already had, I am really excited for you to learn from her, as well!

Here are some places to learn from Sherri:

  • Sherri recently released her book, Mom’s Moments:  Smiles to Remember.  The book is a keepsake memory journal daily devotional in perpetual calendar form!  I just got mine in the mail to get started TODAY and I’m pretty excited to glean from her wisdom and have some fun memories to pass along to my children when they are grown.  You can order your own copy on Amazon here.  Sherri recommends the hard cover (and it’s really reasonable right now for Mother’s Day!)!
  • Sherri’s website is and she’s got some really fun parenting tools and life skills training all for free right there on her site.  You can watch the presentation I saw during Family Time Training’s Spring Fling on her homepage.  You can contact her there for speaking engagements and you’re bound to leave her site encouraged and empowered.
  • This week Family Time Training was blessed with a guest blog post from Sherri and you can find it here. It’s an inspiring post called “A New Habit” about praising God as a parent.  It’s wonderful!

I hope you’ll take some time to get to know Sherri Martinelli and glean from her wisdom and parenting experience!  I know you’ll be blessed!

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