The Sundays before Memorial Day and Labor Day and the Sunday after Christmas our church –  takes a RESET Day.  “What is a RESET day?”  I hear you ask.  It’s a day to be with your family, friends, or neighbors.  A day to invite people out to breakfast or on a camping trip or to just sleep in and rest.  We do it for a couple reasons – one of those reasons is to INTENTIONALLY connect with people.  The other reason is to give our leaders a break, a rest.

This RESET Sunday (the Sunday before Memorial Day), our family went to the zoo.  We connected with some special loved ones and had a marvelous time enjoying monkeys swinging on ropes, a “kid” penguin, and especially each other.  It was so great!

My very favorite part, though, was how my amazing husband tied in our time at the zoo with God’s Word on the way to the zoo.  He asked our son to finish this quote, “In the beginning…” and the Little Prince finished it, “God created the Heavens and the Earth.”  Genesis 1:1

Then he asked our daughter to finish this quote, “In the beginning was the…” and the Little Princess finished it, “Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”  John 1:1  Then he told them that in John 1:14 it explains that Jesus is the Word who came and lived on earth among us (Jesus, the One and Only – wink, wink, Growing Roots Bible study).

He said, “So if Jesus is the Word and the Word was in the beginning and created everything, who actually created everything?”

“JESUS created everything!”  our son exclaimed.  Lightbulb moment for the Little Prince.  His daddy explained that it’s most important for us to know Jesus loves us, died for us and rose from the grave and if we believe we can be with Him now and forever.  He said it’s also important for us to realize that He’s God and Creator, too.

Then we went on to talk about how creative Jesus is in making all sorts of animals and which ones they were looking forward to seeing.  (Reptiles – daughter; Zebras – son; Big Horn Sheep – husband; Okapis – me!) We talked about how we are all very creative – just like Jesus.

It was so cool.

Thank you, my amazing husband, for being the spiritual leader of our home and bringing home truths that are relevant and FUN.  Thank you, AWANAs, for helping our children hide The Word in their hearts.    Thank you, Pathmakers Church, for RESET Sunday.  Thank you, God, for being so creative!

I am so excited to be with my church family tomorrow morning – refreshed, reset, ready, go!


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