The Christian Parenting Handbook Review

What an AMAZING resource!  I’ve already spoken with so many parents I love and told them about this new resource, but I want to give you a quick book review, as well!

I was given a early Mother’s Day gift of the privilege of reviewing The Christian Parenting Handbook before its official release.  I LOVED it.  I kept trying to soak it all in as I was reading and realized I needed to get its information and truths into others’ hands.  I finished the book today and am so excited to go back through with a highlighter and pencil to take notes throughout the book, marking sections I need for each of my children.  Such a great resource.  I already treasure it.

It’s no surprise to me that I had this reaction since I have such respect for the authors.  Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN simply get the difficulties and resource needs of Christian parents.  I’ve been telling so many friends about their book Say Good-bye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes… In You and Your Kids.  I even ordered extra copies as gifts. 

I have already done that same thing with The Christian Parenting Handbook for quite a few friends for Mother’s Day.  I hope you’ll take the time to check it out for yourself.  You can see a couple offers on my blog about extra resources for you this weekend, as well.

The book is a compilation of 50 hot topics and needs of Christian parents in training their children.  A few of my favorite chapters were:

Chapter 4 – Identify Character Qualities to Address Problems – one of the first chapters I’ll revisit as I continue to train each of our children in specific areas

Chapter 21 – Use Firmness to Focus on Character… coupled with Chapter 47 – Firmness Doesn’t Require Harshness – currently trying to work on tone and timing with my kids (and all the time!) so both chapters were so relevant to me

Chapter 32 – Use Correction to Challenge the Heart – Love this focus on the gift and treasure of correction.  A good friend and I just took our children through The National Center for Biblical Parenting’s curriculum (same authors), Treasure Hunters about the treasures of family life and I’ve seen a beautiful maturity in my bigger kids in their understanding of correction since then.  This chapter sums up that concept!

Chapter 41 – Use Creativity to Teach – This chapter was singing the song in my heart!  It was so fun to be reminded of many of my core beliefs about the calling to be an intentional and training parent.  This chapter is worth the price of the entire book!

Chapter 37 – Teach Kids to be Solvers Instead of Whiners – This concept so inspired me that I am in the process of writing a curriculum for our Sunday School at based on solving rather than whining!  So powerful!

There are so many empowering truths, inspirational thoughts, practical ideas and tools throughout this book.  I highly recommend getting your hands on it and recommending it to all those you love who parent!  That’s my plan!

Happy Mother’s Day!  May your brief time with your children in your home be intentional as you integrate your faith into your everyday lives, and may it be a sweet, sweet time together!




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