“I Believe” Party

My family and I were invited to a party to celebrate a young friend’s decision to follow Jesus today. It was awe inspiring! Her parents let her plan the party and invite people close to her who will encourage her faith journey (humbled that we were invited). Her mom asked her why the party was happening and she declared her faith. It was beautiful.
Then, after some fun games (she planned), we experienced her first communion with her. It was a sweet moment together!

I am impressed by our young friend’s parents and them giving her the opportunity to publicly declare her faith. I’m excited that they threw her a party to celebrate her decision for now and eternity. Decisions like hers should be celebrated so there’s a clear marker to remember!
It’s so cool to get to watch other parents leading their children to Jesus and discipling them. Oh, did I mention she’s 5? Yay, Jesus! And yay, mom and dad!


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