Welcoming Kids Into Worship by Robbie Castleman

There’s a GREAT article in the newest issue of Thriving Family from Focus on the Family about using times in Worship Service to train your children.  Here’s the article, you should totally check it out!


Here are some cool Pathmaker tricks for Training Your Child AT Church and following up after church:


  • AT CHURCH:  Help your child engage in the worship singing time by having them stand and sing with you for at least one song.  The Kids’ Connects are there to engage older kids during the sermon and the keep the younger ones hands busy, if needed.  But singing together is important.
  • AFTER CHURCH:  Download the songs we sing at church to your iPod so your kids and learn them during the week, too.  It will make their worship singing times more connected.


  • AT CHURCH:  If your child is 3rd grade or older, s/he will be with you through the teaching time in the gathering time, as well.  We design our Kids Connect pages (available at the Connection Table) to engage them with the sermon topic and some activities they can do while they are listening to the message.  There is also a section for Older Kids to ponder – usually 2-3 questions they answer.  If your child finishes the entire Kids Connect s/he can take it back to the Connection Table and get a prize at the end of the service.
  • AFTER CHURCH:  Have your children bring their Kids Connect home with you so you can discuss their pondering questions’ answers.  Also ask them what they thought the main point of the message was.  It helps them engage in the overall experience of church.


  • AT CHURCH:  Tune into what most interests your children about church.  Who are the people they are most connecting with?  All of us need to find a place to serve and to “own” at church.  Maybe your child is suited to help greet at the Connection Table or to help with set up and take down.  Connect your child with the people running those ministries and encourage them to serve.  You will be amazed at how much more ownership your children will have when they have a place of their own to serve.
  • AFTER CHURCH:  Talk about how different people serve in the church and where your children might like to plug in to serving.  It will give them something to look forward to and as college students or workforce adults, they will have what we call a “Church Skill Set”  – something they can offer in service instead of just looking for a church that will serve them.

Hope these ideas inspire you!  You can see more ideas, tips and thoughts under the “after church” category.


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