4/14 Family Challenge

I receive weekly parenting tip emails from the National Center for Biblical Parenting http://www.BibicalParenting.org .  They are so encouraging and practical.  Today I got another email about a very cool initiative that’s happening called the 4/14 Family Challenge.  It’s a challenge for parents (and churches) to commit to pass the faith on to kids – especially kids between 4-14 years old because that’s “the life stage when 85% of converts to Christ make their decision to follow him.” (from their website).

It’s a really cool focus and I hope you’ll at least be tempted to check it out.  Also look at the bottom of the History page for a list of organizations that are supporting this initiative.  It’s a cool list of resources and they have a good list of tools to use, as well!

Go to http://414familychallenge.com to be empowered to pass your faith along to your children!




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