Motherhood as a Calling

A very good friend of my just put up a facebook message about this link:

She said, “Trust me this will change your daily perspective!”  It’s true.

A few times people have asked me, “What do you DO all day?” They are typically women who have chosen to not have children, who choose to work to get away from their children or who do not yet have children and are trying to decide if they want their own.  Honestly, most of the time I try to come up with smart sounding things and incorporate all I do for the church and at my daughter’s school, so I don’t sound lazy.  The truth is – it’s my JOB and my delight to train my children.  THAT’S what I do.  I train my child to love Jesus and live for Him.  I fail and don’t do a great job as an example.

It’s blogs like the one above that remind me how important my job, my calling, is to the One who called me to do it.  He made me a mama.  He didn’t have to and statistics prove it’s not as easy as some make it look to get here.  I LOVE being a mama – even on tantrum, mess making, irritated days.  I CHOOSE motherhood.  I CHOOSE to honor God with who He’s created me to be and who He’s created for me to love and train.

May you be encouraged today if you are a mama to do it well.  If you are not a mama to honor and pray for those who are and use the influence YOU have over others to be a blessing, too!

Happy Summer Day in July!  Laugh a lot and make a mess with your kids today!



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