Devo on the go…

Yesterday my kids and I had to be in the car much of the day and leave too early to do our normal devotional time and prayer during breakfast. I had already been thinking about it, so I made sure I brought my iPod along for our drive. I picked a couple of songs and a story about Noah and the Ark, then we did our devo in the car.

I asked them what we could learn from Noah’s relationship with God. My little girl said, “Noah was obedient!” Ok, it’s not always that easy and we need to coach them sometimes, but because she’d heard that story so many times from me and at church, it was an automatic answer. Then we talked about how we could be obedient wherever we were going that day. The day before, they had both been in trouble for being <i>dis<i>obedient, so they were very aware of the consequences for that choice.

Later that day, when we had some time, I grabbed six sets of two animals each. I made a little Scavenger Hunt for them drawing a simple picture (you could use clip art) of each kind of animal and writing the name by it for my little girl to read.  I hid the animals two x two around a certain area of our house. Then I told them they got to continue our devotional Bible study by playing a game. They were so excited to mark off each of the sets as they found them. Then they hid the animals for each other a couple of times. It worked really well!

This on the go idea could work with God’s creation of animals and going to the zoo, as well.


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