Resurrection Eggs

Getting ready for Easter is always fun… bunnies, MINI EGGS (my absolute favorite candy), baby chicks, colorful eggs everywhere.  Why is it that so many of us only focus on celebrating Christ’s resurrection on the actual DAY of Easter?

Many traditions start celebrating on Ash Wednesday getting together again on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  If you’ve never done a real Seder Meal, this is a great year for it!  Focus on the Family just put out a great article from a Messianic Jew that takes you through the meal step by step.  Here’s the link:

When I was a Youth Minister, I once did a progressive dinner to introduce all the aspects of Holy Week.  We also did stations walking through different confessions and prayers in order to ready ourselves.

My favorite way to talk to our children about Easter is using Resurrection Eggs.  There are many ways to do it!

You can buy one at a Christian bookstore:

You can do a daily countdown on YouTube with Cullen Woods at:

You can make your own:  A cute little site to show you some ideas.  Be creative, though, and use items you know your own children will understand and relate to.

Last year, I made one set for our family and one set for the family across the street.  They’d been coming to our house for a weekly Alpha Course/Bible Study and I knew they were seeking.  I got the chance to sit with their three youngest kiddos and tell the story.  The middle to children prayed to begin their relationship with Jesus THAT day… Good Friday.  Then the youngest of the two proceeded to tell her entire family (8 grown siblings) the Easter story using that Resurrection Eggs set on Easter morning.  So, it would make sense that I’d want this information in others’ hands this year, right?

This year, our children’s ministry is going to go through Resurrection Eggs with the kids.  That’s why this gets to be a “Training Your Child…After Church” post.  I am excited to talk through what they learned with them and see if they can tell me the story themselves this year.

No matter how you do it – keep the eggs in the carton, hide them around the house, outside, inside, whatever.  The most important part is telling the story (or having your children tell the story) and then inviting them to respond.  So many times we tell people the truth about Jesus, but don’t invite them to start a relationship with Him.  Don’t miss that chance.

May your Easter celebration be springy and bright and may your celebration of Jesus’ Life bring you Hope and Joy, as well!


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