When Growing Pains Hurt

Throughout her life, our little miss has been at least in the 90th percentile for her height.  Looking back I realize each year right before her birthday, she moves up to the next clothing size a year beyond her birthday.  This year is no different.  She’ll be 6 in 6 days and we’ve been already putting some of her 6 and 6x clothes in a storage bin because they are too short.  Hello, 7s!  Another way I know she’s growing (besides being famished RIGHT before bed and having eaten at least two helpings at dinner) is her growing pains at night – all night.  Last night she woke up three times with aches and pains.  Poor thing, I can literally feel her pain.  I remember laying in bed just moaning about the pains in my legs as a little girl.

There are other growing pains that our whole family is feeling.  She’s learning and stretching and testing.  This week she made a choice that really affected our family.  She is so tender and sweet and amazing, but part of that comes from the discipline and training she’s received at home.  We don’t expect her to be perfect, but we do have standards and expectations that she understands.  She also knows that every choice has a consequence – good or bad (sometimes both).  This time, as is the case most times, she chose to tell us the truth about a tricky situation.  Because she told the truth, the discipline she is receiving is much less than it would’ve been.  It’s a hard disciplinary action to enforce this time, though, because this one involves the entire family.  She is a bright young lady and is definitely contrite is already learning from the situation.  This will be a situation that she, Lord willing, will not be forgetting.  It will be one of those, “Mom, do you remember when…” stories later in life that we believe will shape her view of the expectations in our family.  We adore our little princess.  We love her enough to train her and teach her and help her grow.  But there are pains involved.

I once spoke with a mom who said she refused to ground her son because it meant she had to stay home, too.  I’ve heard quite a few parents say that they rarely discipline their children, because it just ends up disciplining the entire family.  I’ll tell you what, friends, I WANT to be disciplined and learn – from whatever situation God allows.  I WANT our son to learn from this situation with his sister and not repeat it when he’s bigger.  I WANT our daughter to feel this one so it’s not even an option in the future.  I want the others in the situation to learn from it and grow from it, too.  Why would God allow free will and us to have brilliant brains if He didn’t want us to learn and grow?  I WANT our daughter to understand all the decisions we make affect other people.  We all need to learn and sometimes growing pains are in our hearts and minds.  May it be so.

“My son (or daughter), do not despise the LORD’s discipline and do not resent His rebuke, because the LORD disciplines those He loves, as a father the son (or daughter) he delights in.”  Proverbs 3:11-12


One thought on “When Growing Pains Hurt

  1. Carly Decker says:

    Just found your blog Beth! I knew you blogged and now so grateful to be connected We love you guys!

    Your love and loving discipline for little miss is amazing. How hard but how necessary. So glad the Lord will deal with us in the same way 🙂


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