PTCO Ministry

One of the coolest ways I’ve learned to support our daughter’s ministry at school is to be involved in the Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO).  Our school calls it the Parent Teacher Community Organization (PTCO).  There are lots of ways to be involved.  You can be really involved (volunteering for every event, helping to run the organization itself by being an officer, and being a voice for the teachers and kids), specifically involved (volunteering for just the events your family is interested in or that suits your interests, volunteering in your children’s classrooms, helping to financially support the organization’s projects for the school), or sparingly involved and simply supporting what PTCO does (buying spirit gear, attending family events, and doing fund raisers with your children).  No matter how you choose to be involved, your influence over what happens at the school is greatly increased when you are involved.

Because of my involvement in PTCO, I know what’s coming up at school before other parents do and can decide which events and projects best fit our family and schedule.  It’s just my first year attending PTCO just having a “kindie,” but it has been so beneficial.  I’m getting to know other moms, having more exposure to the Principal and other staff, and can be an advocate to my daughter’s teacher and her class.

PTCO is a great way to support your Discipleship Group (your kids), to be involved, and to actively shine Jesus’ light in your children’s school.  Please pray about it and consider how Jesus would have you serve.  Don’t spend so much time that you’ll sacrifice direct ministry to your children, but there’s a good fit for you there somewhere!  Who knows the kind of impact in families’ lives you could make just by being there!  Ready, set?  GO!


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