Prayers Paying Off

This week a new girl came to our daughter’s class from another state.  It’s fun for many reasons, but mostly because there were only 5/19 girls in her class before her new friend arrived.  Our little miss greeted her and included her right away.  Every time another student arrived, she announced, “We have a new kid in class!  Come meet her.”  She was like a trained Walmart greeter!

There was a confusion on the second day the new little one was in class and our princess tripped over her feet, knocking one of the little girl’s shoes off.  Our little one was sorry and said so, but the new little girl spit at her and said she wasn’t forgiven (“Even when I explained that in Colorado we forgive one another, Mommy.”  Maybe that was why she didn’t want to forgive her.  We talked about that part, too.)  Our little one was quite upset with the whole situation and so we prayed about it and I encouraged her to pray if things were uncomfortable and then tell her she was sorry again, but not expecting to be forgiven or for her to say “You’re forgiven.”  We prayed before she left for school today and she was anxious to get there and make things right.

On the way home from school, I asked her about it and she said, “She said she forgave me and she was sorry, too.  I guess talking about forgiveness helped her and helped me, too.  I’m glad we prayed about it.  I’m glad she moved here!”  Little missionary girl is learning and her mama is learning right alongside her!

Oh for Joy!


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