Falling out a window

We have quite a stack of Children’s Bibles at our house.  Since our princess was 2ish, I started reading her daily devotionals from one of those books each morning during breakfast then we pray a prayer of application and/or thanks to God and off we go for the day.  She will be 6 in a month.  We have been through each of the books numerous times.  Most of the same stories are in the books, which is SO good for repetition.  And, though it is cool for her to be able to finish my sentences and say already, “It’s Moses, Mom,” I want to keep our morning times fresh and fun.  The last couple of weeks to change it up, I’ve been telling the kids random stories about people in the Bible.  Most classic Sunday school OT stories she already knows but she is still learning NT ones.

God gave me a cool gift this morning.  In my daily quiet time (Bible study and prayer), I got to reread one of my favorite stories in the Bible about Eutychus Acts 20:7-11.  I happen to know this story well because I was a youth pastor for a long time and it’s a GREAT Middle School story.  Here’s how I told my kids during breakfast:

Once upon a Bible time (I stole that one from my sweet mama) Paul, the missionary, was in Troas.  Say “Troas” with me (and they did).  He knew he was leaving the next morning so he taught the people late into the night.  The were in an upstairs room that was lit by candles and was probably very warm.  There was a young man named Eutychus sitting in the window probably to feel the fresh breeze and keep himself awake.  Say “Eutychus” with me.  He got very sleepy and probably looked something like this (then I started bobbing my head and the giggles began).  Then all of a sudden, Eutychus fell out the window, all the way down to the ground and died.  (Both kids gasped, though the princess has heard this story.)  Then Paul stopped preaching, walked all the way down the stairs, threw himself on top of Eutychus, put his arms around him (I wrapped my arms around the princess and more giggling happened), and then he said, “Don’t be alarmed.  He’s alive.”  Then, when Eutychus came back to life, Paul went back upstairs, broke bread and ate it.  Then he kept preaching until the sun came up.

The kids laughed so hard, then the little man asked me to tell the story again.  So, I did.

I told them we can learn that God can do ANYTHING through His people, is powerful enough to bring people back to life, and to heal the sick.  The little man said, “Just like Jesus healed the blind man.”  (He learned that at Community Bible Study 2 days ago… so cool!)  The little princess said, “Just like Jesus healed Daddy from being sick this week.”

They are getting it.  THAT is Bible application.  That’s the kind of interest in and understanding of the Word of God I want them to have!  It is NOT a boring book.  It is an adventure story.  It is a collection of love and adventure stories to be thought about, laughed about, applied, and asked to be read over and over and over.

PS – Practical Application:  Be careful to not sit in a window while listening to a preacher late at night.  🙂


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