Volunteering at Church

I got a great chance to volunteer at our church last night and serve in the Children’s Ministry.  Right now, both our kids are in the same class.  It was so awesome to see them in that arena.  I loved watching them interact with each other and other kids and adults there.  I totally support their regular Sunday school teacher.  At our church we call her the Next Generation Trainer.  Cool way to see that position.

Though I believe the most effective spiritual training happens in the home (and in the car, at the grocery store, everywhere), church is so important to our kiddos’ spiritual training.  They need to see others worship and learn about our God.  They need to interact with other believers who live out their faith.  They need to build healthy relationships with other Christian adults.  They need to hear classic Bible stories and hear others talk about Jesus and what He did and is doing for them.

Being in their class gave me a bird’s eye view to what they are really learning and doing each Sunday.  Then the cool part came when I got to follow up directly about what they learned and did and how they were thinking and feeling about it.  That’s Deuteronomy 6 parenting.  I loved it!  I hope you’ll do it, too!

Volunteering everywhere your children are – school, church, AWANAs, sports and other extra curricular activities – is super important for you to understand what they are learning and how they are processing what they are learning.  It keeps the primary teaching under your influence.  It’s worth the time!


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