Classroom Mission Field Volunteer

Volunteering in my daughter’s class gives me insight into her school life like nothing else can.  I can ask her 10 questions everyday about what he did, what she learned, who she played with, what special class she went to, etc. and nothing compares to actually being in the class.

I volunteer in our daughter’s class 1 day a week.  I am there first to support her and her ministry to her class.  I want to KNOW her classmates so I know when there’s a tough day, I understand and can help her relate to each of them.

I am there to minister alongside her and love on those kiddos.  They hug me when they see me and tell their parents about me.  I want to learn their likes and dislikes and how to serve them as long as I know them, which could be the rest of their lives or just this year.  I realize that anyone can make place a fingerprint of Christ on a child’s heart and I want to be that anyone.

I am there to build relationships with those kiddos’ families so, eventually, I will know whose home is safe and healthy for her to be in and whose is not.  I want to know HOW to be praying for their family when we pray for a classmate each morning before school.  I want to know who believes what and why and how to build bridges with each of those mamas.

I am there to build a relationship with her teacher.  I want her to know she’s supported and loved and doing a good job.  Our kiddo comes first and for that to happen I want a good enough relationship with her teacher that when things are stressful for our girl, I can call her teacher and express concerns without them coming from left field or feeling like an attack on her.  That is happening.  I am looking forward to the first day of school for our girl next year when I poke my head in her kindergarten teacher’s class just to say thank you and encourage her.

We started praying for our daughter’s teacher a year before she started kindergarten (and all the other teachers she will have before she graduates).  I realize the impact teachers can have in a child’s life.  I wanted our girl to adore her kindergarten teacher – just like I adore mine.  We built such a deep relationship that she bought me a baby shower gift for my daughter’s shower when I was 28 years old.  She shaped so much of my view of education and how I viewed school.

Our daughter prays for her teacher on a regular basis, invites her to church, asks her “Do you love Jesus?” (to which she replied, “Why, yes, I do!” in front of her entire class), and invites her to special family and friend times.  She can’t always come, but she always knows she’s loved.  That is mission work.  Our little girl is the missionary and ambassador we’ve been praying for her to become.  I love watching her grow and learn, be challenged, and pressing on.

My favorite part of this year of kindergarten is each week when I hold her hand while we walk into her mission field together.  It makes the other four days when I drop her off with her class more bearable without her, it shows me how to pray for each person in that class, and gives me a voice to speak for her and for the One she serves whenever I get a chance.


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