Bible Trivia surprise

In the “Silly Pickle” (our family van), we were driving somewhere with my parents and we started playing an impromptu game of Bible Trivia inspired by something we heard on the radio.  Our little miss got like 9/10 questions right.  We were all amazed.  Then we started talking about the training she’s already had.

Since she was about a little younger than 1, we started reading her Bible stories each day.  Now, each morning we read a Bible devotional and pray for a classmate and our Compassion Kid. Each night, we read a Bible story as a family then we pray together.

Since she was 6 weeks old, she’s been in the nursery and Sunday school weekly.

She went to Community Bible Study with me when she was 2/3 and learned a ton there.

She started AWANAS when she was 4 to continue Scripture memory work and is a wiz at it.

The other day she started learning how to have her own quiet time, because she wanted to be like Mommy.  It’ll be awhile until she really gets it and wants to do it on her own, but it cool that she had the desire to learn about what I do and how to do it!

SO… thinking through all of that, why would I be surprised with her knowing the answer to the question, “Who was the person who lead Israel when Moses died?”  Because she’s 5.  It’s exciting, because God is already doing things with the ways she’s been trained.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

This is not a “My Kid’s the Coolest” blog.  She is still a sinner.  She still makes lots of bad choices, but God’s at work.  I love celebrating any time I see Him at work.  I hope you do, too.  Be encouraged.  God is at work in your kids and in you.  God has so many things to show you!  Just remember to celebrate Him when you see those things!


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