Model Christians

Involve your children with Christian adults you trust and would like your children to learn from.  Invite those people into your home, take them out to lunch, sit with them at church.  Do whatever it takes to provide healthy and encouraging conversations for your children with those disciples.

As your children get older, it will be very important for them to have safe, healthy relationships with Christian adults besides yourself and your spouse.  The other Christian adults may likely be saying the same exact things you are, but your teen’s ears will hear it in a different way.  Don’t be intimidated or threatened by that fact, celebrate it.  Support those relationships and welcome them.  Think of Paul with Timothy, Elijah with Elisha, Jesus with the disciples.  If you model those kind of mentoring relationships with younger believers who are not your children, they will be more likely to feel comfortable seeking other adult Christian counsel.

Get to know your children’s Sunday school teachers and youth leaders.  Invite them for dinner, take them to lunch.  Send them a card of thanks or a gift card every once in awhile to encourage them.  After all, you are all on the same team… and the team that will help your children become more like Christ is the winning team.


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