Intentional Integration at Church

Be intentional about involving your children in “Big Church.”  Have your children sit with  you in church.  Teach them how to take notes on the sermon.  You can practice at home by listening to a sermon online together.  Have them try to find one Big Idea in each sermon and then challenge them to figure out how God wants them to apply that lesson to their own life.  This skill will be invaluable for them in their future in the church and even in school.

Model authentic worship for your children.  Find out which worship songs speak to them and make sure they have them on their i-Pods at home.  Integrate worship into your own home by listening to Christian music together or at least making it available to them.

Help them start learning about different ways to serve at church. Some ideas are serving with the audio visual team (running sound and powerpoint), learning an instrument to serve on worship team, being a part of the hospitality/deacon service, serving in Children’s Ministry, visiting shut ins, writing follow up notes to visiting children or teens, or folding bulletins.  The more you serve together, the more able you will be to pinpoint your children’s spiritual gifts and the better able you are to empower them to serve in the ways God gifted them to.


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