Praying for your child’s class

One effective way to integrate your child’s faith life and school life is to make prayer cards to go through with your child daily before school.  Cut enough 3×5 cards in half for each of your child’s classmates and teacher.  On one side, write the child’s name.  On the other side, write the child’s family member’s names.  This is a good challenge for you to learn their names ;).  Also, write down what you know of the family’s faith background at the bottom of the family side.

Each morning pray for one child and that child’s family while you are eating breakfast, getting ready for school, or driving your child to school.  You can pray for their salvation, spiritual growth, connection to a church family, and anything else you find out about their family (job change, housing situation, etc).  Challenge your child to serve that child in a special way that day.  After school that day, ask your child how she was able to serve that child.  If she forgot, it’s a good reminder to serve the next child the next day.

Not only does it help your child spiritually connect her school life, but it helps you get to know the families and know how you and your family can serve them.  Your child’s school is her mission field, but it is also yours.  It is important for you to get to know the children in her class, as well.  You can have a ministry to her classmates and their families.  I believe, you are meant to have a mission field there, too.


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